Let’s Work!

Income is essential for an independent existence, especially in a country which has next to no social services for people to fall back on. Our Let’s Get To Work! project helps young women who have graduated from their care program to improve their job prospects.

Young women who move from a care program to self-supported living must be able to afford groceries and rent. Young women who return to their families or end up in a new family arrangement must be able to contribute to the family income. Those who fail to do so often end up back on the streets, where they are forced to turn to begging, prostitution or other forms of exploitation..

As such, gainful employment is the key to a stable future. Amigos Colombianos has worked with multiple different partners to establish an extensive business network. The businesses affiliated with this network present our girls with an opportunity – a unique opportunity.  Amigos Colombianos opens doors which would otherwise remain closed to them. This opportunity leads more and more young women to join our support programs of their own accord.