The vast majority of local support organisations in Medellín try to single-handedly provide shelter for as many girls as possible against minimal costs. This means that children too often do not receive the care they need. Their problems are often solved only partially and for a limited time. This is where Amigos Colombianos does things differently.

Together with its local partners, Amigos Colombianos looks for complete solutions to the problem. If we take in someone at our shelter, we will offer them everything they need for an optimal future, from rehab to education. We don’t aim for big, fast and plenty, but for small-scale, patient and sustainable. Our results speak for themselves, though ongoing support for these women is still desperately needed. Without your support, however, we cannot keep on going!

Become a volunteer

Make the difference in another person’s life – and get a lot in return! We welcome all volunteers, young or old. Volunteering with us can also form part of a social apprenticeship or academic thesis.

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Take action!

A bake sale at the Open Day at school; a lottery at a town fair; a sponsored tournament at your local sports club; a savings scheme for your shop; an Amigos Colombianos ad in your staff magazine… these are just a few great ways in which you can generate money and publicity for Amigos Colombianos.

Call (+31)06 5252 4410 or email us for more information.

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You can donate as a company and obtain a tax benefit. If you wish to donate privately, you can make a one-time donation or a recurring one.

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